Housing plans approved for Sheffield old games court

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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SIX new homes are to be built on the site of a disused former games court behind a Sheffield youth club.

Sheffield Council’s west and north planning committee has approved the proposals for land on Hammerton Road, Hillsborough, behind the 393 youth club.

The plans were passed unanimously after councillors confirmed the club was still in operation and that consideration had been given to ensure noise from the club or nearby police station would not disturb residents of the new properties.

Council officials said the development would not be allowed to go ahead until suitable sound-proofing measures had been chosen for the new homes, to ensure that residents are not disturbed.

The 393 Club, on Langsett Road, will also have to fit opaque glass on its rear windows to protect the privacy of people in their gardens.

The new houses will each have three bedrooms and would be constructed as a row of terraces.

Six people living nearby had sent objections to the proposals on the grounds that current problems with lack of parking in the area would worsen.

Objectors were also unhappy about the permanent loss of the sports facility and the impact on house prices in the area.

But council officers said: “There is not considered to be significant adverse impact on existing residents.”