Housing crisis looming large

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IS there no end to the doom and gloom surrounding the challenges facing the council?

This time they are predicting a council housing meltdown with 20,000 people actively seeking accommodation and fewer than 2,300 homes scheduled to be built in the next 15 years.

With a population increase on the way, calculated at around 50,000 over the next 10 years, the council says they will have no chance of meeting provision.

But there is an even more pressing problem the council has to address.

In April we will see changes in housing benefits meaning that tenants with spare bedrooms either have to move out or will have their benefit cut.

The intention is to “encourage” tenants to move to smaller homes.

However, if there is a shortage of smaller homes - or the provision is non-existent - then how can they be expected to move?

If that is the case, it is unreasonable for their benefits to be cut under the so-called “bedroom tax.”

This has been an ill-thought out move by a Government that is showing itself increasingly out of touch with the realities of life.

The Fair Deal for Sheffield campaign, which presented its petition to the council this week, could not be better timed.

Unless the case of big metropolitan northern cities such as ours is recognised, the poor will become increasingly vulnerable with the council powerless to help.

Money needs to be made available to kick-start a housing programme that at least might help to address a twin problem that is not far away from crisis point.

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