Housing benefits cut divides opinion in Sheffield

Houses in Sheffield
Houses in Sheffield
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Residents have voiced mixed emotions after news broke that more than 150 families in Sheffield have had their housing benefits cut.

Star readers have been taking to our Facebook page to voice their opinions on the matter.

Many of the comments were in support of the families who have been affected by the cuts.

Natalie Hirst commented: "I am very lucky to have a good job but this isn't the case for everyone! I know people who have worked 30 years and lose their jobs.

"Not everyone should be made to feel ashamed for being on benefits sometimes they have no choice. (The reason the system is in place) but on the other hand you see the ones cheating the system which puts it in a bad light! These people need to be kicked off benefits."

Sally Parker added: "That's exactly what it is an attack on the poor it's exactly what Conservatives are about. Poor pay while rich get richer, I'm all for everyone getting a job but leaving people without money will mean they become homeless. Very sad."

Amy Earnshaw said: "I'm sorry if it upsets anyone but if I'm going to gain nothing from going to work (which I wouldn't after child care etc) then I'd rather spend my time looking after them until I have to find a job."

However some readers disagree with the benefit system all together.

Connor Mitchell commented: "I totally agree me and my girl have two kids and manage on £7200 a year YES you heard that right £7200 so if they are complaining put them on our benefits."

Kathleen Turner Dransfield added: "They'll have to go out and get a full time job then won't they!"

Karl David Jenkinson said: "So they should cut the benefits it's not a charity people seem to make ends meet on less money including me."

Richard Weaver had something similar to say. He commented: "Heard a family on radio Sheffield moaning about this. They had kids and have always been skint, they claim, yet they keep having kids."