House boarded up to stop drug use

Police and council crackdown on drug activity in Eckington
Police and council crackdown on drug activity in Eckington
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A house in Eckington is to be boarded up to stop it being used as a drug den.

North East Derbyshire District Council has obtained a closure order to board up the rented property after residents complained about suspected drug related activity and anti-social behaviour.

Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Councillor Jeff Lilley, said: “We made several attempts to talk to the tenant and sort out the problems, but they simply would not talk to us. So, in the interests of the community, we obtained a closure order that will remove the problems completely and allow local people to sleep easy at night and enjoy their properties and quality of life.

“It’s simply not acceptable for people to do what they want with no regard for others and this should serve as a warning that we will not put up with crime and anti-social behaviour of any type and we will take the toughest measures at our disposal to tackle the problem.”

Sergeant James Shirley, of Derbyshire Police, said: “Anti-social behaviour can ruin people’s lives. This is a great example of communities pulling together to stand up to anti-social behaviour and utilising the law to make the community better for all.”

The closure order is for three months, making it an offence for anyone to try to enter the property.