Hot trend? Pop goes your sex appeal

Ugly sister: Popsocks
Ugly sister: Popsocks
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It’s been a struggle at times.

But I can state with some pride I have never been seen in my popsocks.

Every woman has a secret pair, stuffed at the back of her tights drawer, awaiting the call. Indeed, they are a boon when you’re wearing trousers and killer (literally) heels.

But a popsock make you look as unsexy as a man in just his socks. Plus it’s the only garment able to kill a moment of passion stone-dead long after you’ve whipped them off in the loo. How many times have I regretted opting for popsocks on spotting that red, indented ring around each fleshy calf? For hours it lingers, telling a tale on your inner frumpiness.

But now the impossible has happened; the sheer nylon knee-high is suddenly a fashion thriller. As has already happened with bras and pants, it’s meant to be to be seen.

Worse, the trend has spawned an even uglier little sister; the sheer ankle-high. “Give a funky twist to your ballet pumps. Wear it like Alexa Cheung and Fearne Cotton,” say hosiery brand Charnos.

Or Ann Widdicombe and Clarissa Dickson Wright.

Us wise older women wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair, but hoards of girls will undoubtedly spend their summer with legs half-clad in micromesh, bra straps brazenly framing their vest tops, thongs rearing over the top of their shorts when they bend over just because it’s trendy. Why bother getting dressed?

Invent a trend for bri-nylon dressing gowns as daywear and have done with it.