Hot off the press: South Yorkshire beauty Caroline Welch is a junk rocker

Hot off the press: A preview of Caroline Walsh's recycled dress for the Miss England contest.
Hot off the press: A preview of Caroline Walsh's recycled dress for the Miss England contest.
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DONCASTER’S big hope for the Miss England title has checked in for the four day contest - and here is a sneak preview of how she hopes to impress the judges.

Caroline Welch, aged 17, from Moss, has arrived in Birmingham for the finals of the competition, and this homemade creation is one of the outfits which could land her the title.

It is her entry for the ‘Eco’ section of the contest which requires the contestants to put on something recycled.

Caroline has put together this stylish outfit using junk mail and old magazines and will show it off to the judges on Monday.

It was originally created for the Miss South Yorkshire contest, although Caroline says she has made a few alterations.

The former Camps-mount School pupil admits she is full of nerves as she takes part in what is only her second contest of the sort.

She said: “I’m so nervous. This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, and the Miss South Yorkshire competition which I won to get here was my first ever pageant.

“I’m just hoping that I don’t fall over on the stage when I put on my long dress, because I am quite clumsy.”

Over the next four days, she will take part in a fitness based ‘boot camp today and tomorrow, before taking part in a talent night and the eco-event on Monday, which will see her judged on singing a version of the Beatles song Come Together, and showing off her dress made out of recycled items.

On Tuesday she will take part in the grant final, broadcast live on the internet by the Miss England organisers, walking round a stage in sportswear and an evening dress and being asked questions.

She said: “The top three singers will get to sing on Monday, and I don’t know if that will be me yet. But that is the bit I am most looking forward to.

“But I am dreading having to talk publicly on stage. I’m 17 and I’ve not really done much public speaking before, although winning miss South Yorkshire has built my confidence up a bit.”

As far as today’s fitness competition is concerned, Caroline is in good spirits, and regards herself as being in good shape.

Earlier this month she ran the 5km Race for Life charity run, taking part in the Nottingham event as she will not be in Doncaster for the borough’s own event.

She has also been in training for a mini triathlon which she is due to take part in to raise money for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.