Hospitality is being abused

MAY I reply to Graham Jones, Amnesty International, and his comments on the Human Rights Act (Jan 3)

I read the article of a failed asylum-seeker with a criminal record who can stay in the UK because he married a Slovakian and had two children with her.

Just before Christmas, an Iraqi, a failed asylum-seeker and with a criminal record, ran over a 12-year-old girl and left her to die, was granted the same privilege for the same reason. David Cameron publicly expressed his anger over this sickening verdict.

Last week, nearly 6,000 violent offenders and 1,800 perverts were granted the right to vote in order to meet legal obligations of the European Court of Human Rights. Mr Cameron said the decision had made him physically ill.

Mr Jones, my country does not abuse anyone's rights, it is people who use the HRA to abuse my country's hospitality.

D Atkinson, Rotherham

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