Horses lucky escape from Sheffield stables arson

Paula McCullie  and Guy, and the remains of her burnt down stables at Woodhouse
Paula McCullie and Guy, and the remains of her burnt down stables at Woodhouse
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THREE horses had a lucky escape after arsonists set fire to their stables in Sheffield.

The three horses - Mimi, Milly and Sky - managed to escape the fire which swept though their stable building at a secluded beauty spot between Stone Lane and Water Slacks Road in Woodhouse.

The horses’ owner Paula McCullie, aged 36, who lives in Frecheville, was alerted to the blaze at around 6.30pm on Tuesday when a friend called her.

She said: “My friend’s house overlooks the field where the stable is.

“She told me she could see smoke and wondered if we were having a barbecue.

“I told her no but she called back shortly afterwards to say she could see flames leaping from the stables.

“By the time I got there the fire service were fighting the blaze but unfortunately they were unable to save it.

“The place is burnt to the ground.”

Firefighters from Mansfield Road were at the scene for an hour fighting the flames.

Investigators say the blaze started when someone set fire to a large bail of hay in the stables.

Two youths were seen running away from the scene.

Officers from Moss Way Police Station are investigating.

Paula is now contemplating whether to rebuild the stables or move her horses to another spot.

She said: “We built the stables here after my father-in-law Tony Myers was diagnosed with cancer. He loved this spot and his friends donated the materials for us to build the stables so he could pop down from his home and sit on a bench to watch the horses.

“He died earlier this year and that’s when the trouble started.”

Paula added: It seems a group of kids are doing the damage. They have broken fence posts around the pasture and have daubed one of my buildings with creosote.

“The kids sit drinking cans of ale and we have found used syringes.

“They have also been seen setting fires to the woodland nearby and now they’ve decided to have a go at the stables.

“Thankfully my horses managed to escape unharmed. But next time they might not be so lucky.”

n Anyone with information about the fire is asked to contact police 101.