'Horrific' state of Sheffield street after road resurfacing leaves drains blocked

A Sheffield resident has been left shocked at the state of one city road, after Amey carried out resurfacing work and left numerous drains blocked with tarmac.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 13th August 2018, 12:15 pm
Updated Monday, 13th August 2018, 12:18 pm
Amey workers resurfacing Endcliffe Vale Road
Amey workers resurfacing Endcliffe Vale Road

Deerhund Shetty, 46, was walking home along Endcliffe Vale Road when to her horror she noticed that many of the drains along the street were blocked with tarmac after part of the road had been resurfaced.

The work was carried out by Amey, as part of the Streets ahead contract, in which they are tasked with resurfacing and maintaining roads and pavements, and maintaining road drains.

Deerhund said: "All that we residents want, is compliance with industry good practice and what were asking for is reasonable."

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However, Deerhund says they are not sticking to their side of the deal, and are instead carrying out 'inadequate' work by not clearing away rubble and silt which can lead to flooding and drainage issues in wet weather.

She said: "The main problem seems to be that this 25 year £2.2 billion PFI contract with Amey is a self-monitoring contract and a lot of work just isn’t getting done as a result and much of it is done very badly. So Amey aren’t clearing our drains as often as they should be and 50 per cent, based on Endcliffe Vale Road, are silted up even before the roads get done.

"There have also been a lot of historical mains water bursts in this area as well, at least 16 whilst I’ve lived here, so there’s constantly a lot of road surface debris, which Yorkshire Water/Amey have failed to address effectively.

"I had to raise a complaint only last month, to ask Amey to ‘Vacbrush’ my road, because the surface was covered in so much gravel and stones, that people were regularly skidding at the junction and it was actually dangerous."

Many of the drains along Endcliffe Vale Road are blocked with tarmac and silt

She says that Amey are not carrying out basic tasks, which would prevent tarmac falling into drains and causing the blockages."There are two points at which tarmac can fall in to the drains when the roads get resurfaced," she added.

"Firstly when it’s being lifted off by the planing machine and then again when new tarmac is being laid down.

"The drains are supposed to be protected and covered over to prevent this from happening, by both work forces. I know that Amey have already had to provide CPD to Aggregate Industries for this same issue last year. Incredible really, as it seems so basic."

She is now concerned about the tarmac and oil entering the city's water systems, and concerned about effective future drainage in the area.

Nick Hetherington, Streets Ahead network manager says that the drains will be checked and cleared once work is finished

After sharing the photos on social media, other residents shared their anger at the state of the drains.

Jay Tattan said: "Nice flood risk issues right there!"

Whilst Anne Kangley added: "Wow, that is absolutely disgraceful. Highways need informing as rain is expected."

Streets Ahead is the 25-year highways maintenance contract between Amey and Sheffield City council which was signed in 2012, and is the largest highway investment contract the city has ever seen.

As part of the contract Amey maintain roads, pavements, street lights, bridges and other items on or around our streets.

Work is continuing on Endcliffe Vale Road, and is due to be finished early next week.

Nick Hetherington, Streets Ahead network manager, said: “We’re currently in the middle of resurfacing Endcliffe Vale Road as part of the Council’s huge investment programme in Sheffield’s highways. Though we try hard to cover the gullies, during the planing and resurfacing process some debris does inevitably make it into some of them.

“Our work on Endcliffe Vale Road will be finished early next week and we always make sure all the gullies are thoroughly checked, cleared and able to run freely before we leave residents to enjoy their new road surface. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.”

If you notice any issues with blocked drains you can report it to Streets Ahead on 0114 273 4567.