Hornets attacked

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my friend and I took our dogs for our usual walk around Graves Park.

About 500 yards from the Chesterfield Road car park entrance, under a group of around five tree, one of the dogs started to yelp.

At first it wasn’t obvious what was wrong, but then hornets started to swarm out of the grass and we saw a nest: the floor was practically moving with them..

We suffered stung 30 stings between two people and two dogs and had to visit hospital as I had quite a reaction.

We returned the next day to let staff know as we had to phone somebody to fetch us as one of us had been stung in the eye and couldn’t see to drive.

We went into the cafe to ask if it was possible to get a number to inform someone of the danger and let them know exactly where the nest was and point it out if necessary.

We were told ‘it’s not our problem, you need to speak to someone in the farm’.

So off we went to speak to somebody in the farm. We initially enquired at the reception but were met with the response of ‘no I don’t know’. It wasn’t until we asked if there someone else we could speak to that the girl went off to find someone.

We were directed to a man and tried to explain what had happened and how potentially dangerous it could be.

His response was to smirk and laugh all the way through the conversation. He said: “We don’t know of these things until they happen,” to which we asked if there was anyone who kept the grounds and he responded that there was and they were working all the time. I’d like to know where, as it wasn’t near the nest!

We only went to inform them as we thought it was the responsible thing to do rather than let someone else find out the hard way.

The staff just seemed to think it was a joke. It was quite a traumatising experience and left us furious at the way we were treated.

For anyone who walks their dogs around the Chesterfield Road entrance I would seriously avoid letting them off the lead until something is done.

Miss J Sandy, S12

Got it just right

THE energy and commitment of dancers taking part in the City Limits show at the City Hall on September 22, from tiny tots to the seniors, was amazing. Everyone involved did a brilliant job and they deserve to know they got it just right.

Proud grandparents Mr and Mrs EJ Dilger, S5

Carry on, constables

A PAIR of Community Support Officers charged into a Sheffield fancy dress shop like bulls in a china shop and instructed its bewildered staff to remove a dummy replica of Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi, because it was totally inappropriate!

These pretend policemen were more at sea than Captain Birdseye. Why this carry on, constables?

Evan Williams, retired (aged 79)

Will things change?

Recession! What recession?

Recently a private residence in London was sold for £126 million, now the home of film director Michael Winner is on sale for £60 million at a time when dole queues are set to reach four million!

It looks as though we’ve stepped back to when the landed gentry competed with each other to have the biggest and best mansion while their workers were among the poorest people on earth.

Will things ever change?

Name and address supplied

Our rubbish legacy

The carrier bag tree poem by Bradley, aged 12, was a saddening, humbling and insightful indictment of our throwaway society and I congratulate him on confronting us with it with such clarity.

We should not be forgiven for the legacy we’re leaving for our children.

L Dixon, Crookes

Kick up backside

I SEE that the spineless teaching council has again condemned a teacher for doing his job. They might as well let all the pupils walk out of the classrooms.

In my days at school I would have had the cane, but the PC brigade have stopped all this.

That’s why the child featured by you on Sept 26, gets away with trashing his own house and was kicked out of school.

I would have kicked him somewhere else!

What a pathetic system we have for this to go on in our schools. Has nobody got the guts to say enough is enough?

Someone should enlighten the General Teaching Council and give them a kick up the backside.

Name and address supplied

Leading horses

What a laugh to read council leader Julie ‘Wyborn lass’ Dore’s views. She couldn’t lead a horse to water. What is her top priority?

A corporate communications policy, whatever that is. Say what you like about photo-snap Scriven and the Lib Dems, at least they knew what local people wanted: potholes repaired, emptying your bins, keeping council tax down.

Gwen Smith, Norfolk Park

Do-gooder xenophobia accusations welcomed

We in Britain know only too well the lunacy foisted on us in the name of human rights, criminals who not only exploit the system but are encouraged and advised by lawyers and judges to do so, even getting legal aid in the process.

The case of Siraj Yassin Abdullah has to be one of the most galling ever.

After admitting to being a terrorist who hates the west and being arrested and convicted of helping the July 21 bombers, he is sentenced to nine years (later reduced to eight).

After serving four years, only half his sentence, he was ordered to be deported back to his native Eritrea, until another out-of-touch judge allows him to stay on the grounds that deportation would breach his human rights!

Anyone on the streets of Britain preaching terrorism is preaching treason and traitors should still be shot or hung instead of being housed, fed and clothed by a country they hate. This country needs to toughen up and get wise to the enemy within.

All accusations of xenophobia welcomed from the do-gooders and civil rights brigade

Phil Holberry, East Bank Road, Sheffield