Hoping BBC cuts will not further damage Sheffield reputation

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I HOPE that the impending cuts at the BBC will not further damage the reputation of the city of Sheffield.

People in other parts of the country could be forgiven for being unaware of our presence, culturally or geographically, an ignorance that to a large measure stems from neglect by the BBC.

Although Sheffield is one of England’s five largest cities, its national profile is the lowest by far.

Leeds dominates Look North, with over twice the air time given to Sheffield. A small coterie of Leeds-based reporters and producers make sure coverage puts Leeds at the forefront.

Once, a reporter made the facetious on-air comment that Sheffield seemed to have a ‘chip on its shoulder’ when compared to Leeds. Delivered with a smile, this seemed aimed at not placating but provoking.

Surprise was feigned that Sheffield should feel neglected in an area (BBC coverage) so crucial to national recognition.

Leeds is almost always shown on the national weather map whereas Sheffield hardly ever appears. National radio reports always quote the temperature in Leeds, never in Sheffield.

Our city needs all the good publicity it can get to attract inward investment to enable growth.

LJ Turner, Greaves Lane, Stannington

Help Britain’s small businesses before those Egyptian ones

so our very own Member of Parliament and Deputy Prime Minister (unelected) says he’ll help small British businesses by cutting back on visits from such as health and safety and other official sectors to help the them.

And only last week he handed over £5 million to help small businesses.

Very good Mr Clegg. The only down-part of this is that the £5 million was given to Egyptian companies while he was on a trip over there! Surely he could have found some deserving businesses a little closer to home in this economic climate.

How can this man be allowed to remain as Deputy PM? He reneged on student loans and he reneged on a referendum on Europe. The Lib Dems would have made any promises to win the general election

Oh! That’s right, they came last and are now helping to ruin (sorry, that should have been run) the country.