Hooray Henry – I don’t think so! Not in my experience

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Has anyone out there had a similar experience to me? I do like a nice glass of wine but sometimes I feel a bit overfaced by a large glass which is so often served up without asking the question medium(175ml) or large(250ml)?

So it was welcome news when the law changed on measures. Apparently, the standard measure should be 125ml. I did wonder if landlords would uphold the law and whether this would be reflected in the price?

I had my answer when we visited Henrys on Cambridge Street.

I asked for a small white wine and requested a 125ml measure which was duly served.

The price – £4.95.

I queried this and asked bar staff if it was a mistake. The reply I got astounded me. I was informed that the 125ml was exactly the same price as 175ml.

Now if I had been informed of this I could have had a 175ml, seeing as I was paying for it. The point is I only wanted a small 125ml glass. I think a fiver for a medium glass of wine is extortionate never mind a small one. The whole bottle probably only cost three quid.

I will be voting with my feet in future and I hope others will follow suit. I can imagine mine host swanning around in a Mercedes but not at my expense.