Homophobia in Jamaica

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FOLLOWING verdicts in the Stephen Lawrence case, Neville Lawrence has returned to live in Jamaica as he ‘feels safer.’

As a heterosexual man he may well do. However this cannot be said for the many gay men and women in Jamaica who live with constant fear, intimidation and violent harassment, including acts perpetrated by police aimed at driving them underground.

Homophobia is a very real fact of daily life for gay people in Jamaica. Where are the tweets from Diane Abbot etc condemning the abuse of gays there?

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Collect unpaid council taxes

do we have to collect bins fortnightly so £2.5 million a year can be saved?

The council failed to collect £26m in council tax. That equates to some 10 years of savings from the bins. Surely they should ensure this doesn’t happen and residents who pay their dues aren’t penalised.

Councillors should stop blaming the Government for everything and start looking closer to home.

As we all know, officers are incapable of running a polling station properly, never mind the fourth largest city in the United Kingdom.

A Hall