Homes in Tinsley spared by HS2 route shifting to east

Conisbrough is the new Tinsley.

Thursday, 7th July 2016, 1:01 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th July 2016, 2:02 pm
Greasboro Road at Tinsley in Sheffield which will no longer form part of the HS2 Rail route Picture by Dean Atkins

The HS2 mainline will be shifted several miles to the east as it passes through South Yorkshire, a report published today is expected to reveal.

Under the new proposals, the route will follow the M1 and the M18 before heading north through Conisbrough, Mexborough, Barnsley and on to Leeds.

image of the HS2 mainline through South Yorkshire

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It means that homes in Tinsley will be spared.

Under the old plans every single house – 49 in total – on Greasbro Road was earmarked for demolition, as well as a further 11 in Wincobank.

Under the new plans, the report is expected to say, a new housing development between Mexborough and Conisbrough will be affected and there will be ‘impact on the landscape’ in parts of the Rother and Dearne valleys.

But overall it will mean fewer demolitions compared to the previous plan for a line between Sheffield and Rotherham and a stop at Meadowhall.

image of the HS2 mainline through South Yorkshire

It will also mean Doncaster residents have a longer journey to reach HS2 services but, the report is expected to say, the borough will benefit from increased capacity on the East Coast Mainline as a result of HS2 and the new Inter-City Express Programme.

It is understood the report will also call for a ‘parkway’ station on the new M18/Eastern leg route. There are believed to be four sections of track in the county straight enough to build a station.

Further south, HS2 trains will now stop in Chesterfield the report is expected to say.

The town will be served by a spur off the main line and high speed trains will join existing tracks at Clay Cross.

They will pass through Chesterfield on the way to Sheffield city centre. Journey times to London will fall to about 1h 15m.

The shift is set to preserve Chesterfield Canal, the report is expected to show.

The old route would have cut through swathes of canal and Staveley Town Basin.