Homes plan set to be thrown out

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PEOPLE power is set to win a battle against plans for new homes on Sheffield’s Peak District boundary - with council officials recommending the scheme is rejected after receiving more than 200 objections.

Sarah Bolsover has applied for permission to build two houses and a triple detached garage on land behind a house at Stocks Green Court, Totley, on the city’s western border with the national park.

The homes would be occupied by members of the family which lives at the existing property.

Ms Bolsover’s plans are for ‘traditional-style’ homes built of stone with mock Elizabethan gables on land designated as a ‘housing’ area by Sheffield Council, but next to the green belt.

However, there have been 242 letters of objection to the scheme, with comments sent by groups including conservation campaign SPACE, Totley Residents’ Association, the Campaign to Protect Rural England and Coun Colin Ross, Liberal Democrat member for Dore and Totley.

A report to the council’s city centre, south and east planning board, which will consider the application on Monday, said opponents believe the land should have been designated as a ‘buffer zone’ against city expansion and should be included in the green belt.

Protesters said the new homes would be ‘overbearing and overdominating’, have inadequate off-street parking and ‘car fumes could pour into neighbouring gardens from the hardstanding areas’.

Council officers said a small portion of the site is within the green belt, although most is within a housing area. They have recommended rejection on the grounds the scheme would ‘adversely impact on the open character of the green belt and an area of high landscape value’.