Homeless camp 'divides the community' at Park Hill

A number of Park Hill residents claim to be 'extremely concerned' about a camp for homeless people which has sprung-up.

Thursday, 3rd November 2016, 2:38 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:03 pm
Tent City

Ten residents from the newly-developed flats have contacted The Star to voice their concerns about the camp, which has been dubbed 'Tent City'.

The cluster of 13 tents on a grassy section outside flats on South Street has been growing for the last two weeks.

Tent City Organiser Anthony Cunningham

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The anti-camp residents, who asked to remain anonymous, claim that antisocial behaviour has risen since the camp was launched.

A spokesman said: "Tent City has been a nightmare and the increase in anti social behavior is concerning.

"There is a lot of people hanging around by the tents, especially after dark. This is making parents with younger children very worried.

"There have been reported incidents of needles being found and an increase in the amount of litter.

Tent City

"I accept that the homeless people are vulnerable and need support, but they have support networks and charities available for food and shelter."

There are currently 17 people staying at the camp and donations have poured in from food banks, homeless charities, do-gooders and some Park Hill residents.

Father-of-four and Tent City Organiser Anthony Cunningham, aged 31, believes the camp has made it easier for rough sleepers to have somewhere to turn to as well as for charities and services to find the people who need their help.

But some remain unconvinced.

Tent City Organiser Anthony Cunningham

The anti-camp spokesman added: "There is currently is a mix of owners, renters and housing association tenants within Park Hill and we have created a lovely community.

"Many people say it is like the old days, with people chatting by their doors and sitting in communal areas. I absolutely love living here, but Tent City is beginning to divide the community.

"The owners who are not happy are forced to keep quiet for fear of reprisals from tenants and others who believe the camp is a good thing."

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Tent City