Home doors to go to keep Sheffield area’s character

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Front doors of homes which were deemed to be unsuitable in a Sheffield conservation area will be ordered to be removed.

Sheffield Council’s planning committee decided that planning applications for three separate front doors on properties on Moor Oaks Road should be removed as they were contrary to policies and the Broomhill Conservation Area.

Officers said that the new doors were replacements for timber doors.

Most houses in the area have timber doors and window frames which contribute to the overall character of the conservation area.

Councillors were told that individually, non-compliant features did not cause too much damage.

But an officer added: “Put together they do have quite an impact on the character of a conservation area.”

The council has sought to protect the area’s heritage and gradually return its character by taking enforcement action when necessary since 2009, the meeting heard.

The planning officer also said it was a long-term plan and could take up to 20 years.

The Planning Inspectorate had also been ‘supportive’ in the past when applicants appealed decisions, he added.