Holidays drive marriage over a cliff

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He wants to go on a city break.

You just want to lie on a beach for a week.

He’s insisting on going self-catering, you’re holding out for all-inclusive.

His idea of a great restaurant is a Chinese - even though you’re on a tiny Grecian dot of an island in the Aegean Sea. Yours is a traditional taverna by the beach, with a nice display of well-stuffed dolmades and handsome waiters.

Can’t agree on that getaway? You’re suffering from HIS; a recently discovered condition. Holiday Incompatibility Syndrome is nothing news, though. It has been affecting couples for many a year. And rather than elicit a bit of bartering and haggling to bring about a compromise, women’s online travel community, Thelma & Louise and learning holidays specialist, reveal women who don’t get their own way simply pack their bags. Then head off on holiday with their girlfriends.

Over 74 per cent admit they “always”, “often” or “sometimes” holiday separately from their partner.

I’m all for the occasional girly break. Heck, there are 12 of us heading for three days in Florence come March. But I want to spend my main holidays with my husband. Those weeks away are precious times. Away from work, the DIY, the cooking and the cleaning, we stop nagging each other, relax and realise why we fell for each other.

The Thelmas and Louises heading off for adventure while their husbands stay at home could well be driving their marriages off a cliff.