Hold back those crocodile tears

True respect: How we should care about a war memorial.
True respect: How we should care about a war memorial.
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DO crocodiles weep?

Or is it just people you can’t trust to speak the truth who shed crocodile tears?

That certainly covers Lana Clitheroe who landed in court the other day for her involvement in the theft of a bronze plaque from a war memorial.

You see, she had the effrontery to pretend to be torn asunder by remorse after her day in court.

Outside court, Clitheroe wept copious quantities of her crocodile tears.

“I’m sorry for my part...” she moaned.

“If I knew where it was I’d get it back,” she added.

Oh yeah? Whose leg are you pulling?

Don’t let her say she didn’t know what it was she was seen pushing through the streets in a wheelbarrow.

And that she wasn’t aware that the names represented men who had died in the First World War.

Of course she knew. And she knew that those men had made a great sacrifice.

Because she confessed that her grandfather ‘fought in the world war’.

That’s right. She knew exactly what she was doing.

She just didn’t care.

All she did care about was getting her hands on the measly £15 she received after selling the plaque to a ‘Polish man’. Probably to spend it on fags and booze.

She’s due back in court at some point to be sentenced.

Can I add my voice to the British Legion stalwarts who are calling for an example to be made of this woman.

For the country has witnessed a growing tide of thefts from war memorials as the value of scrap metal has risen recently.

It signals a growing wave of people who just don’t care about anything except themselves and their own pleasures and needs.

And I cannot help but feel that they are encouraged to behave in such a manner, with complete disregard for any rules or laws, because they know any punishment which comes their way will be toothlessly enforced.

Only this week it was shown that criminals in the UK owe almost £2 billion in unpaid fines and confiscation orders.

And the Ministry of Justice has simply given up trying to get back a staggering £600 million of that amount.

That’s right. Men and women who have been hauled before the courts at great expense and after no small amount of hard work.

But Whitehall simply says it can’t – or won’t – collect the money.

And the criminals?

They’re laughing all the way to the bank.

They will probably still be smirking when they embark on their next bit of law breaking.

Who can blame them?

If you found out that nothing was going to happen to you other than the inconvenience of turning up at court, wouldn’t you have second thoughts about emptying your wallet?

But this goes deeper than even not caring about other people.

It comes down to whether other people should care about them.

The Lana Clitheroes of this world cost a small fortune in one way or another.

They are happy to put out their hand but not to bend their back and do some worthwhile work.

It’s time to tell them that if they put nothing in, they should take nothing out.