Historical buildings go up in smoke

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Arson, The Star, August 29. The devil indeed makes work for idle hands. Your report did not touch on one aspect of this criminal business.

Buildings of historic and architectural interest in Sheffield regularly go up in smoke. Examples, the Brushes, the Music Hall next to the Police and Fire Museum, part of Nether Edge Hospital, Dial House (still standing but in a deplorable state), The Brincliffe Oaks, the barn at the Bagshaw Arms. The Travellers Inn, Wadsley Bridge.

Recent examples in Nursery Street, Harry Brearley’s old school and now the oldest house in the Wicker, No 3 Nursery Lane, about which no one has shown much interest but which bears a window sill dated 1826.

Features from the Travellers and the school have been salvaged with the invaluable help of the council and Kelham Island Industrial Museum.

Ron Clayton