Historic site should be preserved

Chrissy Meleady MBE

By The Newsroom
Friday, 30 November, 2018, 05:58
Wincobank Hillfort

Equalities and Human Rights, Aizlewood Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3

Diverse individuals and communities have been inundating us in Equalities and Human Rights with their distress, concerns and objections that not only is there an issued threat to  the continuation and maintenance of one of the City's and Britain's important ancient sites, this threat translates also to eliminating integral social and cultural history in a prominent area of Sheffield.

Therefore, given the above and the representations being made to us, in Equalities and Human Rights asking us to advocate on this matter, we must wholly object to the proposal submitted and would point out to, that we consider that any movement to bypass the Duke of Norfolk's request to preserve this ancient site for future generations and indeed for posterity, is not only highly questionable but will be met with contestability

The rationales for asserting thus are that the proposal for a housing development on Roman Ridge, in Wincobank is highly inappropriate given the remarkable historical and cultural significance of the site.

Adding to this is the fact that in 1904, following a campaign by the British Archaeological Association and the Sheffield Free Libraries and Museums Committee, the Wincobank Hillfort and Surrounding land was presented by the Duke of Norfolk to the Corporation of Sheffield. Sheffield Corporation were tasked with the duty of being custodians, with a request from the Duke of Norfolk that '˜the ancient fortifications' he presented across to the people of Sheffield, be preserved.

The Brigantes legacy in the area and relating to the site, is also one to be celebrated not submerged under modern day houses.

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It is understood that when the Roman's invaded in AD 43, the area was held under the control of this very important Celtic tribe, who stood firm, only being defeated by the Romans in AD 70-72, after which they continued to rebel and fight back against the Romans into the 2nd and 3rd centuries.

In these  modern days of our seeking to secure community cohesion, with our learning from the past to secure our present and from this to build for the future, historical sites and the social and cultural lessons to be gauged from this area is essential.

Sheffield has been a place of historical significance, and one of cultural diversity down centuries, inclusive of Wincobank and the site concerned, is of utmost importance in this regard, therefore, eradicating a vital element of Sheffield and British history and its alignment to our cultural memory and knowledge is nothing short of wanton destruction.

It is inconceivable that here in Britain and especially here in Sheffield that any entity would want to destroy and concrete over pre-Roman history.

We accordingly endorse and fully support Bridget Ingle and Brendan Ingle Foundation's and Penny Rea and the Friend's of Wincobank Hills position, that this historic area and site, be preserved and not destroyed for us now and for future generations to come.