Historic Sheffield Manor Lodge targeted by thieves

Builders repairing the roof.Builders repairing the roof.
Builders repairing the roof.
The historic Sheffield Manor Lodge - famous for being the place where Mary Queen of Scots was held prisoner - has been raided by thieves.

Raiders stole several thousand pounds worth of lead sheets from the roof of the 16th century and Grade II listed Turret House sometime between Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

They also caused some damage to the domed tower where Mary Queen of Scots would stand and watch the hunt whilst in captivity at the lodge.

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The tower of the Turret House.The tower of the Turret House.
The tower of the Turret House.

Jon Bradley, visitor manager for Green Estate, the social enterprise which runs the lodge, said: “The Turret House is one of the few remaining Tudor buildings in Sheffield.

"We are saddened that these individuals have no respect for centuries of local history.

"We are a determined bunch though and the damage will not stop us. We will be opening for our 2018 season on Easter Sunday as planned.”

Builders were fast on the scene to make the building water tight and stop any further damage to the site.

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The Turret House.The Turret House.
The Turret House.

Planning has already started to restore the roof and make it ready for open season which begins on April 1.

Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned at Manor Lodge for 14 years during the 16th century for allegedly plotting against her cousin England's Queen Elizabeth I.

The popular visitor attraction includes Tudor ruins, a farm, 1940s cottage and artists’ studios.