Hiring Kerry Katona to play Marilyn Monroe? Some like it not...

Kerry Katona first performed as Marilyn Monroe in 2004 on ITV show Stars In Thier Eyes
Kerry Katona first performed as Marilyn Monroe in 2004 on ITV show Stars In Thier Eyes
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Monroe died five decades ago, but her allure still has fans entranced.

She remains one of the most beautiful and charismatic women of all time. The fact that her potential as what many described as a great acting talent was unfulfilled simply adds to the enigma that is Marilyn.

Now, a musical about the tumultuous life of the Hollywood legend and iconic beauty is about to be staged. Norma Jean, The Musical? What a story to tell. A must-see, you’d think, until you find out who they’ve picked to portray her. One Kerry Katona.

Some like it not - which, while being a passable pun, is a total understatement. This is, quite simply, a casting travesty.

What is the show‘s writer and director on? “Marilyn’s life was one of extremes. I needed an actor of huge talent, personality and experience - Kerry was at the top of my list,” he says. I take it he means his affordability list.

True, KK and MM both come from deprived backgrounds, were married three times and lived with depression and addiction to both drugs and peroxide. But there the similarity ends.

I don’t dislike Katona. You have to admit, she is the survivor Monroe wasn’t. She manages to drag herself out of each and every mire she pitches herself head-first into and resurface for some carefully planned PR opportunity with an ear to ear grin.

But the woman’s success consists of a couple of years with a mediocre girl band, being briefly wed to has-been Brian McFadden, winning I’m A Celebrity and getting dumped from not one but two sets of tacky TV adverts.

Her style is chavvy and in-your-face loud. She couldn’t do breathily sexy if she tried. In short, she cannot hold a candle to Marilyn. In or out of the West End wind.