Hillsborough police chief ‘inexperienced’

David Duckenfield
David Duckenfield
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The former South Yorkshire Police chief in charge of the match on the day of the Hillsborough Disaster had ‘little if any training’, jurors at the new inquests have heard.

Supt David Duckenfield’s barrister, John Beggs QC told the fresh inquests into the deaths of the 96 Liverpool FC fans yesterday it was a “very valid question” as to whether Mr Duckenfield should have been in charge.

Mr Beggs admitted Mr Duckenfield, whose experience was in CID, was put in charge three weeks before the fateful FA Cup semi final in 1989, did not know “what he was looking for” in pens three and four of the Leppings Lane terraces, because of ‘inexperience’.

The claims were made during evidence being given by John Cutlack, a structural engineer.

He also told the jury Hillsborough’s engineers Eastwood and Partners ‘sadly failed’ in their duty by not allocating a capacity figure for each pen.

The hearing continues.