Hillsborough: New inquest call after “shocking” findings, says Clive Betts MP - VIDEO

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CLIVE Betts, MP for Sheffield South-East, said the Hillsborough Independent Panel findings were “really truly shocking” and called for a new inquest - echoing demands by other campaigners.

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Hillsborough Disaster Documents Released'The memorial to the 96 Liverpool fans that lost their lives in the tragedy wh a card left bearing the names of the victioms

Hillsborough Disaster Documents Released'The memorial to the 96 Liverpool fans that lost their lives in the tragedy wh a card left bearing the names of the victioms

Mr Betts, who was at the game, said: “To find out that 164 statements by police officers had been subsequently changed to alter what they said, to alter descriptions of the adequacy of the response to the disaster at the time, I think is really truly shocking and there are a lot of answers that still need to be found to questions raised by these findings.”

The politician added that the report had produced “evidence on which final conclusions can be made”.

“I think it’s very clear that the initial inquest cannot stand,” he said.

“I always couldn’t understand why the coroner gave the 3.15pm cut off point, he said that at that point everyone had been injured to the extent that their death was inevitable.

“Well clearly it wasn’t the true evidence from police officers and we’ve heard some of it before that there were people alive, clearly alive, who could have been saved, others could have been resuscitated if that resuscitation had been available, so I think the coroner’s inquest therefore is clearly wrong.

“If it’s a wrong inquest with wrong findings it has to be redone, I don’t think there’s any alternative.”

All 96 of the inquest verdicts into the fans who died in the Hillsborough disaster should now be quashed and an inquiry called, urged Sheila Coleman of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, who welcomed the apology made by Prime Minister David Cameron.

She said: “Without doubt the inquest verdicts have to be quashed. David Cameron batted this back to the Attorney General. The Attorney General needs to surely, with the evidence presented to him today and the evidence previously presented to him, must quash the inquest verdicts in all cases.

“With the clear evidence that fans could have been saved - and the evidence is there - he needs to give all of those 96 victims their right under law, the right to a fair hearing. It needs a full inquiry into how they died.”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, MP for Sheffield Hallam, said: ““Now it is time for the wheels of justice to start moving because the truth has been withheld from families and victims for too long.”

The Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson echoed the call for fresh inquests and said those involved in the cover-up should be brought to account.

He said: “Now that we finally have the truth of what happened in 1989, we must make sure the families get the justice they deserve.

“I am calling on the Attorney General to apply to the High Court immediately to quash the original inquest verdicts so that a fresh inquiry can be held.”

Dave Prentis, leader of Unison, said: “We hope that releasing the files will ease their suffering and help to bring some closure. And there is now absolutely no excuse to delay further inquests into the remaining victims.”