Hillsborough investigators identify eight new witnesses

The Hillsborough disaster unfolds
The Hillsborough disaster unfolds

Hillsborough investigators have identified eight potential witnesses to a key moment in the disaster following a public appeal.

Operation Resolve, the criminal investigation into the disaster, recently released images of 19 people they wished to speak to who may have seen the opening of an exit gate into the ground in the minutes before the match kicked off.

Officers said they have had an 'excellent response' to the witness appeal.

Eight of those people have been identified and statements are currently being taken to gain a full account of their experiences of the day.

Names have been given for a further eight people and detectives are in the process of tracing and contacting these people.

Detective Chief Superintendent Neil Malkin said, “We have had a positive response to the witness appeal and I would like to thank the public for their help.

“We have identifications for eight of the 19 people and potentially a further eight.

"The process is well underway to speak to the further eight people who have responded to the appeal and establish whether they are in fact those individuals.

"Once we have done that we can then go and get an account of their experiences on the day as well.

“As I said at the time, the purpose of this appeal is to try and fill in gaps in our evidence and put together the best possible file of evidence for the Crown Prosecution Service in order for them to make the most informed decisions.

“We remain on track to have passed on our files by the turn of the year.”