Hillsborough inquests delayed by ‘juror issue’

The Hillsborough disaster unfolds
The Hillsborough disaster unfolds

Summing-up in the Hillsborough inquests has been delayed again after Tuesday’s hearing was abruptly adjourned due to an issue with a juror.

On day 307 of the hearings the coroner Sir John Goldring had been expected to conclude his summing up and the jury to retire to consider their verdicts this afternoon.

But following the lunch break Sir John told the court an issue with a juror meant the hearing would not continue this afternoon.

The coroner said he was ‘hopeful’ the court will resume on Wednesday morning.

No further details were given.

Sir John has been summing up the case since January and the hearings, which began in March 2014, have now spanned across three years.

The seven women and three men of the jury must consider 14 key questions set out by the coroner in a 33 page questionnaire, inquiring into the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans in the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

The questions include deciding if Match Commander David Duckenfield is responsible for the unlawful killing of the fans by gross negligence manslaughter.

The hearing continues.