Hillsborough disaster: Sheffield Council joins the sorry list

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SHEFFIELD Council has apologised for failing to ensure safety standards were kept in check at Hillsborough in the run-up to the disaster.

John Mothersole, the city council’s chief executive, said: “Our role has already been subject to public inquiry, including the Taylor inquiry, which found that our actions at the time were wanting and criticised. For that we sincerely apologise.

“Our thoughts remain, as they always have been, with the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the disaster.”

“Sheffield Council has co-operated fully with the independent panel by releasing all the information and documents we hold so they can now be viewed online.

“We anticipate this archive will help those who visit it to form their own views and develop their understanding of the tragedy.”

At the time of the tragedy, Hillsborough failed to meet minimum standards under the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975.

A number of alterations were carried out to the Leppings Lane terrace between 1981 and 1987, none of which led to a revised safety certificate, which should have been issued by the council.