Hillsborough cheer

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WILL the main shopping areas at Hillsborough be as devoid of Christmas colour as last year, when from Hillsborough Park to the Interchange neither the council nor any retailer bothered to have any exterior lights, trees or other decorations?P Williams

Fall on your sword

It’s time for this makeshift Government to go. Cameron was never elected to run our country.

The only damp squib is him and, should there be a general strike it would put him and his whipping boy Clegg back where they belong, in Oblivion.

They should have some self respect and fall on their swords.

Jamile Singh, Hallam

Children only please

Today I went to Millhouses Park to go on the new children’s bike track. But there was so many big boys on skateboards that me and my sister couldn’t get on.

I think it is unfair because they have their own skate park and should stay there. Please can the council put up a sign to say children only.

Henry Curry, aged 7

Hospital before claim

Sorry to hear about John Campbell’s mishap with the chair. I see he is to claim from the TARA action group.

I always thought if you have a claim against someone for injury then you have to attend a hospital to prove you’re injured. I myself was knocked down by a hit and run motorist and the police told me to attend hospital or no claim could go ahead.

Perhaps the law has now changed, but my claim was only three years ago.

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