Hillsborough: Are you excited by start if new football season?

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We asked Hillsbrough area folk whether they were excited by the start of the new football season.

Here’s what they said.

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Anne-Marie Habeshaw

“It brings a carnival atmosphere and really brings the area to life. 
“Crowds do park around Hillsborough and walk in, but I’m not too fussed because of the benefits it brings.”

James Beckwith, aged 43

“I’m really looking forward to the new season. 
“It’s never a boring season with Wednesday, we either get promoted or avoid relegation just at the last minute.”

Jonny Munro, 49

“I’m more of an armchair supporter these days. I think tickets cost too much and players are overpaid. It does put me off. But wherever I am living I like to see the local team do well, so I hope all the Sheffield teams have a good season.”

Kevin Habeshaw

“It’s good that the football has returned and good for all the businesses. 
“The area used to be known just for fast food, but now there are lots of new businesses opening too.”

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