Highs and lows of city prices

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IF you are planning a long drive this bank holiday look away now, Texaco is charging £1.39.9 for unleaded – the highest price ever seen in Sheffield.

The filling station on Ecclesall Road, Banner Cross, also wants £144.9 for diesel.

A Texaco head office spokesman said it was down to the site manager. The site manager said Texaco set the prices.

Meanwhile, a £7 charge for a slush puppy drew gasps at Sheffield Arena.

The beaker of ice, albeit flavoured, left a nasty taste with visitors to the Disney on Ice show.

An Arena spokesman said it was a Disney concession and customers got a souvenir mug to keep with their ice.

After that it is good to report a bargain.

The Psalter Tavern on Psalter Lane is selling two giant pizzas, described as ‘dustbin lids’, for £5.

The two-for-one deal has delighted and amazed customers.