High-end white convertible Ferrari seized by police in Rotherham

The white Ferrari seized by police
The white Ferrari seized by police
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Usually it’s banged-up old hatchbacks or shoddy rustbuckets that end up being seized by police.

But on Saturday South Yorkshire Police found a rather more high-end offender when they seized a white, convertible Ferrari supercar for not having insurance.

The luxurious cabriolet was pulled over by police in Rotherham before being impounded because the driver of the car had no insurance.

The car is a Ferrari 458 Spider worth between £155,000 and £190,000 when new.

South Yorkshire Police said the car was a hire vehicle, but it was not being driven by the person who hired it ‘therefore not covered by any insurance’.

The seizure is part of a county-wide crackdown on drivers without insurance.

Tweets from @SYPOperations said: “Stopped by #SYPRoadPolice for #NoInsurance #Rotherham Nice #Ferrari but not legal !! #Seized #OpTakeaway #1655”

“This vehicle is a hire vehicle, driven by someone other then the hirer - therefore not covered by any insurance.”