Hidden illnesses and metal health among issues raised by youngsters to Sheffield MP

Paul Blomfield MP at the Big Consultation event at Sheffield Futures
Paul Blomfield MP at the Big Consultation event at Sheffield Futures
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Young people in Sheffield got to raise issues with a city MP on topics that matter to them.

Members of Sheffield’s Youth Cabinet and UK Youth Parliament joined young people at Sheffield Futures for a special event with Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield.

The Big Conversation event, which was held at Sheffield Futures offices on Division Street, enabled young people to ask questions about issues that matter to them.

Mr Blomfield said: "I have been given a completely new insight about young people’s mental health which I have never understood before and this has been very useful.”

He added: “A common theme in the discussions has been changes to the curriculum to prepare young people for life.

"Schools are currently measured by success in exam league tables and we could help to instruct schools to include education about life skills young people need for their futures.”

Subjects raised at the event, which was chaired by youth councillor for East Sheffield, Fozia Sultana, also included issues facing young carers and mental health.

Youngsters also spoke about hidden illness. One of the issues on the current youth consultation Make Your Mark, is aimed at helping invisible illnesses be more recognisable, through better education.

Miss Sultana said: "There should be more opportunities for support when people are suffering with illnesses which are physically invisible.”

Sheffield Futures is a charity dedicated at helping youngsters reach their full potential.