Heseltine has admitted error

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The Star recently reported that Michael Heseltine has admitted that scrapping RDAs like Yorkshire Forward was a mistake.

I’m pleased he has seen the error of his ways. Yorkshire Forward wasn’t perfect by any means, but over its lifetime it did lever in many millions of pounds of public and private investment from other parts of Europe for Sheffield’s economy.

But the Tory-led government’s hasty and reckless decision to scrap Yorkshire Forward has slammed the door shut to this investment, which is sorely needed to kickstart the economy. Their policies are hurting but they’re not working.

Heseltine’s admission that they got it wrong is all well and good, but our economy needs solutions. However, after over a year in power, there is still no sign the Government has any plan for how it will get our economy growing again.

Coun Jack Scott, Arbourthorne

Editor’s footnote: A letter appeared in yesterday’s Star under the headline ‘Money for nothing’. We were led to believe that this had been written by Coun Jack Scott, but he has asked us to clarify that he was not the author. We apologise for any embarrassment caused.

Court uproar

In a recent court case reported in the Star, friends of the accused shouted and swore at the judge after the verdict. Are people allowed to do this now without being punished?

Name, address supplied

Houses have been bulldozed

COUNCILLOr Curran, I now know you have been asleep like Frank Hardy says. You state to the best of your knowledge that there are no plans to pull our houses down on the Arbourthorne.

Where have you been for the last seven years?

It was your Labour government that implemented pulling our homes down. We have letters saying our homes are to be demolished as soon as Labour get their hands on some more money. If you drive up East Bank Road you will see where Labour has pulled our homes down. Sorry councillor, you need to find out what’s going on around Sheffield.

George Day