Heroic strangers SAVE Sheffield mum's baby after pushing her ambulance through the snow

A 'blessed' Sheffield mum has paid tribute to the heroic strangers who pushed her ambulance through the snow as she went into labour.

Wednesday, 21st March 2018, 8:56 am
Updated Wednesday, 21st March 2018, 9:00 am
Stacy Lee with Wyatt

Stacey Lee said she was due to have her baby on Thursday, March 22, after being told by doctors that he was in the 'breech' position.

However, she and her husband Sean were unexpectedly forced to make their way to Jessops hospital on Saturday evening after her contractions started.

Stacy Lee with Wyatt

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The couple battled their way through the heavy snow but were left stranded in blizzard conditions and abandoned their car on Netherhorpe Hill in the early hours of Sunday.

A sobbing Stacey waited at a nearby petrol station as an ambulance struggled through the snow to rescue them.

But, further tragedy struck when the ambulance eventually fell victim to the snow and became stranded on Glossop Road.

Stacey said: "I was told by the doctors that, because of how the baby was positioned, it would be dangerous if I started labour naturally.

Residents push ambulance through snow

"But on Saturday evening my little boy decided he wasn't going to wait any longer. We made our way to Jessops but didn't realise the weather would be so bad.

"We were stranded on Netherthorpe Hill and I knew how dangerous the situation was but it was completely out of my hands.

"I was walking down to the petrol station crying and wrapped in a blanket and rang 999. At this point I was crying on the phone thinking what will happen to us both if the baby comes now.

"I was in so much shock but finally the blue lights came. They turned into the court yard but crashed into a parked car with someone sat inside and I screamed in shock.

Stacey with her two children Wyatt and Olivia

"Finally in the ambulance I felt somewhat better with the paramedics there but then the ambulance got stuck and I just began to sob."

However, thankfully for Stacey, a group of heroic strangers were on hand to push the ambulance through the snow, all the way to Jessops' car park.

Around two hours later, Stacey gave birth to her son and said she couldn't thank the group of strangers enough.

"As I was in the ambulance, I just remember a group of hand prints appeared on the window and I could hear people's voicing all working together to push us!

Stacy Lee with Wyatt

"They were amazing along with the paramedics who didn't give up and kept so professional throughout it all.

"As I got out of the ambulance in tears, I looked back and they all cheered! My husband couldn't thank them enough.

"Our son was born at 6.19am at a health 8lb 4oz. He's beautiful and even now I can't believe the events that led up to it.

"I can't thank the Sheffield spirit enough potentially saved us depending on which way you look at it. I know I'll be telling our son this story every birthday until he's fed up of hearing it."

Residents push ambulance through snow
Stacey with her two children Wyatt and Olivia