Heroic Sheffield carer 'risked her life' to save drowning pensioner who rolled into a lake

Pensioner after falling into lake (s)
Pensioner after falling into lake (s)
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Tributes have been paid to a Sheffield carer who jumped in to Hillsborough Park Lane to save an elderly man from drowning.

Emergency services rushed to the park in Sheffield at around 3pm yesterday after reports that an elderly man had fallen in to the lake.

Pensioner after falling into lake (s)

Pensioner after falling into lake (s)

The pensioner was feeding the ducks when his wheelchair rolled in to the water.

As worried onlookers quickly rang for an ambulance, one of the man's carers bravely jumped in to the lake to save him.

An eye-witness said that the carer managed to lift the man's head out of the water before another man jumped in to the lake to help her.

A witness said: "She risked her life straight away after she saw what had happened. If it wasn't for her then the situation could have been a lot worse. She is a hero."

Shaun Spalding, who was walking his wife Janine at the time of the accident, also dived into the lake to help the carer.

"“He didn’t think twice,” said Janine.

“He had to jump in and drag the man to safety having gone under the water.

“He undressed him and put his own clothes on the man to warm him until the emergency services arrived.”

A Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopter landed in the park, but paramedics decided he had not suffered major trauma so he was taken to hospital via road ambulance.