Hero Churchill

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Proposed changes to the NHS must be stopped.

SO JP Brotherton thinks more than 65 politicians should be put out to grass. Thank goodness those views were not around when Churchill, probably our best Prime Minister ever, first took on the office, aged 65. It was his experience and determination that steered us through World War 2. We could do with more older experienced leaders today.

Joan Moody

Changes to NHS and financiers

Proposed changes to the NHS must be stopped.

Notwithstanding the obvious conflict of interest, the idea that GPs should be put in charge of budgets is ludicrous.

Fat cat business executives are rubbing their greedy little hands at the prospect of trousering a huge slice of the £80 billion NHS budget.

With respect to the nation’s GPs, they won’t know what’s hit them.

Even experts get taken in by seductive sales pitches, fail to detect dubious financial structures and get blinded by sophisticated accounting procedures.

Further down the line, city spivs move in. Yet another tier of bonus-driven cronies will be created.

Why introduce overpaid parasites into a healthy body?

And what happens if there is a financial collapse?


Look at Southern Cross.

The model is flawed.

There are no adequate safeguards. The businessmen cut and run. The taxpayer picks up the tab.

We are sick of bailing out these people.

What does the city know or care about healthcare?

Leave healthcare to the people who really know and care about it.

Andrew Hassall, Holmley Lane, Dronfield