'Here we go again' : Sheffield reacts to news of snap General Election

Yesterday Theresa May called for a General Election
Yesterday Theresa May called for a General Election
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With Labour slumping to an eight-year low in the polls  and the uncertainty of Brexit looming, we take a look at what Star readers are saying on our Facebook page about the upcoming snap General Election.

Glenn Beckett is in no doubt what the outcome will be. He said: "It will be a one-sided landslide."

His views were echoed by Kristen Kane who commented: "Waste of time because Conservatives will only be re-elected."

The Tories are currently hot favourites to win the June 8 poll, and some Star readers have suggested Jeremy Corbyn is the reason behind the loss of support in the Labour party.

Mick Bennett said: "Corbyn is the best asset that the Conservative Party have ever had."

Patrick Martin believes Labour has 'lost the north of England' and added: "Never ever will I vote for Corbyn and Abbott."

Nita Walker also has little faith in the Labour leader, she commented: "Corbyn can't sort his own party out let alone run the country. Doesn't bear thinking about."

Meanwhile, Star reader Dean Millard has predicted the end of Labour for good, saying: "Labour is dead."

But there is hope for Corbyn yet as loyal Labour voters show their unwavering support for the party.

One of those is Christine Cross, who said: "I'm voting Labour... always have always will."

Andrew Plant also thinks Labour are still the pick of the bunch. He wrote on our Facebook wall: "Will be voting Labour. Despise Tories and li'l Tories (Fib Dems). Like Greens and SNP/Plaid, but it's Labour for me. "

Donna Bee, on the other hand, thinks it might be time for a third party to step up. She said: "We'll be doomed with Labour and Tories... time for a change."

But as Nick Clegg revealed he will stand again for his Sheffield Hallam seat, some Star readers have criticised the Lib Dems. Alex Bell said: "Lost support for Lib Dems when they announced that they're particularly against democracy."