Here are all the songs you may not have known that mention Sheffield

Sheffield is one of the most famous cities in the UK and has produced some of the very best musical talents.

Alex Turner performs in Sheffield
Alex Turner performs in Sheffield

So, it's no surprise a song or two has been penned about the city. Here is our list of the 18 most memorable songs about the famous Steel City.

"This is England, this knife of Sheffield steel. This is England, this is how we feel."
"Fast-track living like the Sheffield gang. A message across, I've got a second sight."
"Perfection is over. Sheffield is over. The Fear is over."
"But it's not Leeds or Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield nor Glasgow..."
"Finally made our way back to the train. Rolling into Sheffield tonight."
He talks of San Francisco, he's from Hunter's Bar" and "You're not from New York City, you're from Rotherham"
"I'm the candyman. Also known as Dave, Dave from Sheffield. Furthermore known as The Screaming Lord."
"You say go, I say stay. Clear blue sky goes Sheffield grey."
"So over the bridge from Flushing to the Sheffield's door. She was there to sell make-up, but the father saw more."
"Brum, Manchester, Notts, Sheffield, Leeds, Manny, Liverpool. These people all say the same thing."
"And a wicked gale came howling up through Sheffield City Centre. There was palm tree debris everywhere and a Roman Colosseum."
I said "It's High Green, mate / Via Hillsborough, please.
"So I'm on the M1, cruising slow. True say there's a little bit of snow. Just passed Sheffield junction. There's no street lights so visibility's low."
"It's dirty work in Birmingham. Better deal for a Sheffield man. If he can rivet then his kids can buy. Candy from the candy man."
"Intake, Manor Park, The Wicker, Norton, Freshville Hackenthorpe, Shalesmoor, Wombwell, Catcliffe Brincliffe, Attercliffe, Ecclesall, Woodhouse, Wybourn, Pitsmoor, Badger, Wincobank, Crookes, Walkley Broomhill, Oh!"
"Well you walk down from Fargate, with the wind in your hair. You come down escalators, cause they didn't have no stairs."
"And the sun it set fire to the heavens. On the hills over Sheffield tonight."
I know you've got the moves. Cause I'm from High Green
"It was somewhere around Sheffield where my conscious concedes. Fiction halts, the drugs began to wear thin. "