Hendo’s historically made by man from Worcestershire!

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Charles William Hinksman was born in Hanley Child, Worcestershire in June 1876, son of Albert & Caroline Hinksman. In the 1891 census Albert & Charles were makers of wooden fork and spade handles in Tenbury, Worcestershire.

By the 1901 census Charles is in the Shaw household in Huddersfield, as a commercial traveller in smallware and drugs, and his future wife Miriam is a smallware dealer assistant.

Miriam’s father George Shaw established a general merchants and makers of chutney, relishes and sauces business in Huddersfield in 1889 with his sons, Walter and Vincent. With an insistence on high standards the business thrived. Miriam was seven years older than Charles Hincksman when they married in Huddersfield 1901. Charles was a commercial traveller in trays, plates, flatware, bowls, cups, etc, and Miriam assisted him.

In 1910 Shaws of Huddersfield bought Henderson’s Relish at 35 Broad Lane from original creator and owner Henry Henderson.

Charles Hinksman & his wife Miriam nee Shaw were sent to Sheffield to manage the acquisition and lived in Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield, says 1911 census.

According to Charles Hinksman’s great-great-nephew’s he was put in charge of Henderson’s by the Shaws 100 years ago.

Charles Hinksman’s nephew Dr Kenneth Freeman insists his aunt & uncle owned Henderson’s while Miriam was alive. She died in 1939.

It is ironic that Henderson’s – who insist that their relish is not Worcestershire sauce – should have been manufactured by Charles Hinksman, Worcestershire born and raised, not many people know that, his early life is never mentioned.

And what’s my line in all this? Charles & Miriam once lived in my house.

Graham Woodward

Stalker Lees Road, S11