Henderson's Relish to start selling travel size bottles so you can have Hendo's on holiday

The mini size bottles of Henderson's Relish.The mini size bottles of Henderson's Relish.
The mini size bottles of Henderson's Relish.
Miniature bottles of Henderson's Relish are to go on sale - so people can take the legendary Sheffield sauce on holiday.

The mini bottles of the iconic Relish will be available for the first time at this weekend's Sheffield Food Festival and have been dubbed "Holiday Hendo's" - because they are ideal for slipping into a suitcase to liven up foreign foods.

General manager Matt Davies said: "We are working hard to increase the distribution of Henderson’s Relish.

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"Yet every year we receive the same postcards - the joy of a hard-earned holiday, dampened by the lack of available Henderson’s Relish.

"So we’ve created “Holiday Hendo’s” just for you."

First concocted by Henry Henderson in 1885, Relish has become a Sheffield institution with its popularity now extended far beyond the city's boundaries.

The spicy sauce is still being blended to the original secret recipe and only three family members know the ingredients.

Bottles are also available on Henderson’s web-shop, at www.hendersonsrelish.com

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