Helping kids find a future

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So it is encouraging to learn that local business A4E has launched a pioneering training initiative which targets young disaffected people and attempts to steer them into hands-on vocational training in a wide range of industries.

It is particularly aimed at youngsters who have struggled to fit in at mainstream schools.

It’s a positive way to attack a problem which has a negative impact. It’s also good to see that this comes alongside something of a success story on a Sheffield estate where anti-social behaviour has taken a tumble.

This is being brought about as the council, Sheffield Homes, local police and the Arbourthorne Centre join forces to tackle the problem.

All of this gives heart to people who feel under siege in their own homes and we hope they take comfort from the positive results being achieved.

Our train services are on right lines

RAIL passengers love nothing better than a chance to grumble about their local operator. It brings them together with a common cause for concern.

But passengers on the Sheffield to London route have shown that they can rise above the stereotype and give rail operator East Midlands Trains a warm round of applause. For they have handed them the biggest increase in customer satisfaction of any UK operator, according to a brand new survey.

However, this has not come about by accident. It is the result of a lot of hard work and application by East Midland Trains and we can clearly see that this is certainly appreciated by passengers.

They were asked for their views on such key factors as value for money, punctuality and reliability, comfort and cleanliness, offering a comprehensive review of services. For East Midlands Trains to do well under such scrutiny shows it is a company heading in the right direction.

Good as Beckham

IN the same week the media spotlight was targeted at Sky Sports soccer pundits Andy Gray and Richard Keys after they scored a spectacular own goal with their comments on women officials in football, we are delighted to report on the wealth of enthusiasm and talent women bring to the game in our area.

Thousands of girls have taken wholeheartedly to the sport and are rewarded with immense enjoyment.

And that, surely, is the key way to measure the success of women’s participation in soccer. It puts smiles on their faces and nothing can beat that.

In fact, to many it is as good as a Beckham pay packet.