A helping hand

So antidepressents are not so bad after all, say doctors now. It has been said they should be prescribed more to people.

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 6:27 am
Updated Friday, 2nd March 2018, 6:30 am

Each to their own and if you need them take them, why suffer if medicine can help you?

I was a little suprised after giving birth, just two weeks later I was offered tablets to help with my post-natal depression.

I felt it was a bit quick. I didn’t want to take that route at that time but it’s helpful to many suffering.

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I took a different NHS route which worked for me. We must all do what’s best for us, there’s no shame in getting a helping hand along the way.

Jayne Grayson

by email

A duty to inform

Mary Steele should be more sceptical about the report “Brussels Broadcasting Corporation?” Its author, David Keighley, certainly is, having denied his own conclusions.

In evidence to MPs on the European Scrutiny Committee, he said “I do not think there is anywhere in the BBC where you can say there is overt, deliberate bias.”

Claims in his report about fewer anti-EU speakers on the BBC’s Today programme are undermined by the fact that he is only counting “firm long-term supporters of Brexit”, so if you’re a recent convert to the Leave cause, or acknowledge there may be arguments on both sides, apparently you’re a Remainer.

“Talking about the EU” includes discussion of such topics as an all-female production of Mamma Mia and wolf-culling in Sweden, where a guest’s Leave or Remain position is hardly relevant.

So where was the welter of leading questions posed to specially-invited EU enthusiasts so that they could promote the Remain case?

Keighley reveals that it did not exist, when he complains that between 2005 and 2011, only 20 questions about actually leaving the EU were posed. It’s nonsense to allege favoured status for pro-Remain views when almost no-one was asked about it.

And that is the more reasonable concern. For most of our forty-plus years of membership, the EU has been a non-subject, good only for tabloid jokes about curly cucumbers and for government ministers of all parties to hide behind.

As a public service broadcaster, the BBC has a duty to inform, to examine an institution that affects all our lives and portray it, warts and all, and this it has not done.

J Robin Hughes

Towngate Road, Worrall, Sheffield, S35

I won’t return

On Saturday I visited Sheffield and on my return to my car, I found that my rear registration plate and rear wiper blade and the housing for this wiper blade had been stolen.

I will NEVER return to Sheffield again due to my extra cost of replacing these stolen items from my car.

This is not a laugh by youths but criminal damage and due to my policy excess, I can’t even claim on my insurance.

This is no way to treat a visitor to your city, I have put on Google Maps a very bad review of your city.

Stefan Green

Windyridge Road, Walmley, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B76

You missed a treat

If you missed it, you missed a treat! What was it? The 50th Stephen Hill Methodist Church pantomime, Aladdin.

We went on the first night with our son and his daughter, and what a fantastic evening it was from beginning to end.

The church hall was filled with an appreciative audience who booed, hissed and cheered in all the right places.

The cast, lighting, sound, scenery etc., everything was incredibly professional.

Who gave the best performance of the evening? I wouldn’t attempt to decide, the standard was so good. I must confess that the antics of the double humped camel had me laughing every time it appeared on stage.

We’ve been going for some years and the standard improves year on year.

I know there are professional members of the theatre who cut their teeth on the Stephen Hill pantomime stage and after this years performance I’m not surprised.

It was well worth the 40 mile round trip from darkest Derbyshire. I know trips to the theatre can be expensive and it did cost £20 but it was for four and that included the programme! Why pay more?

So what about the 51st panto next year? I don’t know but it will, most likely, be in February half-term and if possible I’ll be there. If you all rush to buy tickets please save me four or I shall be in trouble.

Finally congratulations to all the stars on stage, (some as young as eight-years-old), and to the scenery makers, costume makers, producer, those who served refreshments and those I’ve missed out.

You must have found it incredibly hard work but I hope that for you, as for us, it was all worth it.

Here’s looking forward to next year!

Rod Toplis

Litton, Derbyshire

Illegal influence?

The FBI and others in America are hell bent on trying to prove the Russians had illegal influence in getting Donald Trump elected as President.

We also have a foreigner, Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros, pumping money into anti-Brexit groups here in the UK hoping to influence and reverse a democratically won Brexit vote.

Isn’t he more guilty than the accused Russians?

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Barbara Alston

RIP Barbara Alston of the Crystals.

The times that ‘Da Do Ron Ron’ was sung to me -usually at Christmas by well oiled Civil Servants -usually female-was legion. Ah well.

Ron Clayton, Ex DHSS and SMRE