Helping frogs to place of safety

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HOP along to Sunnybank Nature Reserve in Broomhall, Sheffield, and spend an hour or two helping to move frogs out of harm’s way.

Every year the grass is cut back around the nature reserve - and every year the resident frogs of Sunnybank just off Broomhall Place need a helping hand to be lifted away from the dangers of the mowers’ blades.

Volunteers are needed to help scoop up the frogs and lift them into buckets so the annual hay cut can take place.

This year’s event takes place on Monday, September 17, from 10am to 3pm.

Volunteers can help out for as long as they like. A spokesman for Sheffield Wildlife Trust said: “There are always enough frogs to go round!”

From 3pm to 5pm extra activities, environmental art and nature crafts will be laid on for children.