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I’m fully in favour of fortnightly bin collections and am sure most people could cope if the doorstep recycling system was easier.

In Doncaster our friends put all their recyclables in one box and the operatives sort it into different containers on the lorry.

We can only put out plastic bottles and if it happens to be the wrong sort none are taken, so lots of people throw everything in the black bins.

The co-mingling system does not work. Paper with broken glass mixed with it ends up on the tip.

We need to make the whole recycling system more user friendly: if you have an old Land Rover, and try to save on fuel by using a trailer to cut down on journeys to the tip, you need a permit, and can only go 12 times in the year.

Veolia will have a penalty clause for changing the contract which the council will have to pay.

There will be even more fly-tipping, which the council have to clean up, at extra cost, which council tax payers have to fund.

Peter F Butler, Stannington

I LIVE alone and rarely have a full bin, but I do go away a lot in the summer.

If I miss a fortnightly collection, the smell of rotting food in warm weather will make my garden and the neighbourhood intolerable.

My neighbour has five children and her bin is always full to bursting. She can, of course, use my bin at times, but this is not an ideal solution for everyone who may not have such an option. What will be done for such families?

My area is popular with students, whose homes are multi-occupancy and whose bins are usually full every week. What will be done for these properties?

We were told that we would be given a choice of going back to blue wheelie bins for paper and cardboard, instead of the heavy boxes. This should have happened last summer, but every time I ask, I’m told it has been put off.

The service is extremely poor. We seem to pay more and more council tax and get less and less for it, which is why I strongly object to any reduction in the current service.

Irene Davy, Crookes