Help to reduce Isle flood risk

Improved water storage and management could help reduce flood risk across the region - including in the Isle.
Hatfield Moor. Picture: Steve RoutledgeHatfield Moor. Picture: Steve Routledge
Hatfield Moor. Picture: Steve Routledge

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust was amongst 15 organisations that recently met to explore the benefits that nature provides in day-to-day life, and in particular how work on the Humberhead Levels Nature Improvement Area (NIA) is, and might in the future, increase quality of life for communities within the region.

Delegates from organisations including Natural England, Environment Agency and the Isle of Axholme Drainage Board discussed how they might work better together under the NIA partnership so as to provide greater benefits to people living in South Yorkshire, around the Humber, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

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Key improvements discussed included improving water storage and management within the Humberhead Levels to reduce flood risk, increase carbon capture to help combat climate change and helping to improve the physical and mental health of people living within local communities.

Tim Graham, Humberhead Levels NIA Programme Manager said: “The partnership has achieved some great work to date; we have seen families and young people connect with their local wildlife, in some cases for the first time – an incredibly rewarding experience. There is still so much more we can achieve by making these projects bigger and better.”