Help to get this little chap back on his feet

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HE may be tiny but this little fellow faces a massive challenge to get back on his feet – and the cost of helping him get there is just as big.

Yorkshire terrier cross Woody is halfway through a series of operations designed to mend his two front legs which were broken when they became trapped under an opening door.

RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre in Attercliffe is seeking funds to help the 14-week-old puppy walk again.

The centre needs to raise £1,200 to pay for the vital operations and fixtures that will hold Woody’s legs in place while his bones heal.

RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre general manager Stella White said: “Accidents can easily happen and in this case Woody was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“We desperately need the public’s help to raise money for his operations. As long as the operation goes well, it should only take a few months for Woody to heal. Then we’ll be looking for a new home for him. We love the name Woody but we know a new owner might want to rename him.

“It sometimes surprises people but you can change the name of a dog as long as you keep the same number of syllables or go for a similar sound at the end.

“We aren’t, though, at this stage, looking for people to come forward to home him.

“What we want to do is concentrate on getting him fit and well and we are seeking donations to help cover the cost of Woody’s operation.

“A separate fund has been set up for Woody and if we are in the wonderful position that we receive more than the £1,200 needed, that money will be used to treat other RSPCA animals in similar situations.”

Greg Firth, the vet for the RSPCA Sheffield Branch, who is carrying out the operations on Woody at Peak Veterinary Practice, Woodseats, said: “This puppy’s bones are too soft to retain screws. For this reason, we’ve had to use a fixture of tiny pins and bars which go on the outside of the leg, rather than the inside.

“As they’re on the outside, it means the fixtures on one leg could theoretically get caught on the other, so we are doing one leg at a time. There will be at least a six-week gap in between each operation. So far, there have been no complications and we look forward to Woody recovering fully.”

n To help get Woody walking again call 0114 2898057.