Help to draw up county flooding plan

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Residents and businesses are being asked for their views to help draw up a new plan to help address flooding.

A consultation has been launched by Derbyshire County Council to find out where the problems are and what should be done about them.

Comments will be used to help decide roles and responsibilities of the various organisations involved in preventing, preparing and protecting against the risk of flooding, plus the costs and benefits of any measures proposed and the ways in which progress will be reviewed.

The consultation and strategy will focus on the risk of flooding from surface water caused by extreme rainfall, small ‘ordinary’ watercourses such as ditches, streams and brooks, drainage on roads, and ground water flowing from underlying rocks or streams.

Larger main rivers are the responsibility of the Environment Agency and will be covered in a separate plan

To participate in the consultation, visit or pick up a questionnaire from libraries.

The closing date for responses is December 7, and the council will publish a draft strategy next year.