Help solve Frankie riddle

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THORNBERRY Animal Sanctuary is hoping Star readers can help them solve a myster - who is the boy called Frankie.

The mystery started after the cash-strapped North Anston sanctuary put out an appeal for funds it so desperately needs to help care for abandoned animals in its care.

A little lad came to the sanctuary with a donation of £13.50 which he raised by selling his toys.

Trustee Susan McNeela said: “He told us his name was Frankie and said he had seen on Facebook that Thornberry was needing help in order to survive. He said his mum had told him never to give his surname to people he didn’t know so we have no means of contacting his family. We would love to find him so that he can perhaps have his photo in our newsletter at the end of this year.”

If you can help call 01909 564399