Help save this charity trek

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Help save this charity trek

EVERY crime has a consequence and the impact of the theft of two bikes from the Vernon family’s home is no exception.

The parents of Samuel Vernon have had the bikes they were planning to use for a charity ride taken from their garage.

The consequence is twofold. Firstly, it means Richard is having to make alternative arrangements to still be able to complete his charity trek - a mission that is due to raise money for the Clic Sargeant charity.

The second consequence is that the youngster doesn’t properly understand the minds of these thieves - indeed nor do we - and he thinks they will come back and steal his little bike too.

As his mum Jenny says: “It’s just two bikes to them, a bit of cash, but to us it means a lot more.” Let’s hope the thieves have some ounce of humanity and they are returned.

Build sustainable future for our city

THE latest war of words between Labour, in the form of city council leader Julie Dore, and the Lib Dems, represented by Deputy Prime Minister and Hallam MP Nick Clegg, is a classic case of name calling with no conceivable outcome other than wounded egos.

Labour, rightly, says that Sheffield people are hit harder by the austerity cutbacks than the prosperous south east as we rely heavily on public sector jobs, which are at the forefront of Government measures.

The Lib Dems, rightly, respond by saying this is a consequence of previous Labour policies to heavily invest in attracting public sector jobs to the city.

Two wrongs, as we have said many times before, do not make a right.

But what would help is if these two political heavy weights could swallow their pride and put away their political differences to work together for the good of Sheffield.

Excellent service

CONGRATULATIONS to all the people involved in Sheffield Children’s Centre which has received an outstanding report from Ofsted, the independent organisation which ensures educational establishments are up to standard.

This not only shows a steady and reliable hand of the team in charge but also that they can rely on a responsive and able team to deliver what is needed.

Further, it shows that the parents and children who use the centre appreciate what is on offer and willingly come forward to benefit from the excellent service provided by Sheffield Children’s Centre.